Saggy bumper

Old saggy bumper.  She was a beauty of a truck. 93 Toyota…I don’t know anything about cars, but I am pretty sure there wasn’t even a model name.  It was just the red trucky, saggy bumper.  My dad’s weekend truck that drove him back and forth to the dump.  I had recently acquired the driving […]


There is no place to go when there is nowhere called home And the only place left is lost and alone The only thing good is in front of your face But stuck and confused and frozen in place Collecting the tears that stream down your cheek In buckets and barrels and everything leaks Nothing […]

All that remains…

And here we are. The whirlwind that was the last week has quieted.  The hustle and bustle of planning funerals and burials and slide shows and viewings and having family and food greet you at the door is done.  The obituary and the newspapers have all been recycled and tossed aside. I go back to […]

And so it goes and goes

So here I am…34 years old.  Navigating through life without direction.  Raising two kids, working in a grown up job, and recently lost my dad.  Writing has always been a bit therapeutic to me.  I figure Id give it a try again to work through some grief.  Hell its better than binge drinking or getting […]