And so it goes and goes

So here I am…34 years old.  Navigating through life without direction.  Raising two kids, working in a grown up job, and recently lost my dad.  Writing has always been a bit therapeutic to me.  I figure Id give it a try again to work through some grief.  Hell its better than binge drinking or getting a motorcycle or a face tattoo or whatever myriad of midlife crises I could be getting into it.

Life is broken up into chapters.  It seems like the chapters are flying fast and furious the last few years.  Sometimes all I can do is close my eyes and hang on and hope I get to wherever I am going safely. And who knows the destination right?  They say its all about the ride. Sometimes I could use the ride to be a little bit quieter.

I think losing a parent forces you to be a grown up…eek Im so not ready.  Ready or not, here it comes.  And so it goes and goes and goes.  Life forges on.