There is no place to go when there is nowhere called home

And the only place left is lost and alone

The only thing good is in front of your face

But stuck and confused and frozen in place

Collecting the tears that stream down your cheek

In buckets and barrels and everything leaks

Nothing is left but the sum of your vices

And somehow you are left to your own old devices

Head is all cluttered with more than enough

Round and around with the same old stuff

What you are and what you feel is one in the same

Return your ticket to get out of the game

A mountain in front and it doesn’t seem to move

And the queen of the castle who just won’t approve

I say what I mean at least most of the time

But what do I know, can’t make up my mind

Don’t feed the bears they are hungry and bite

Don’t feed the bears in the middle of the night

Just drive her home and do as you please

Just drive her home and guess what she needs

Hold her and love her and tell her okay

Her sad and her tears will all wash away

Close your eyes and let sleep visit once and a while

Go ahead and take your seat, the one by the aisle

Please whisper goodbye and watch her lip quiver

Just whisper goodbye and forget her glass slipper