Sunday haiku 

Eyes meet, trancelike pools

Lips lock, passion overflows



It is a cold day

Death is a welcomed escape

Bleak eternity.


There is a void where

Love used to be. His brother

Is named apathy


A new day is here

Embrace the warmth that kills night

Happiness is yours


Hard work is treasure

Not found but earned in trenches

A strong man burns bright


An angry hero

Is a slave to no one but

His own sharpened blade


Sweat beads on forehead

Hot breaths tangled in young lust

A thrust will not do


Your face is like home

A warm blanket in the sun

The place that you know


Leathered and musty

Skin wrinkled, hugging against

Old bones and lost youth


Secret rendezvous

Stolen moments lost to time

Night melts into day