Here we are

We were digging through some boxes tonight trying to find the elf on the shelf.  I swore I would never get one of these dumb elves, but I caved and we’ve had little Hermie a couple of years now. Somehow we lost the elf.  We thought it was up on a high closet shelf, but […]


Sludge The holidays, the holidays. Cheer and goodwill and sadness and dread all around. I haven’t been looking forward to this week. The first Thanksgiving without dad. I don’t know why it is such a big deal. Every day is a day without him. Why do these couple days make a difference? I don’t know, […]


I’m pretty much stumped today but felt the urge to write.  I googled up some blog prompt ideas.  I came to some results for prompts for mommy blogs.  Prompt one…my skin care routine.  So let me just delve into that one.  My skin care routine.  Take a shower. Splash face with water.  Maybe find soap […]

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