The recap of 2017. Things that happened, things I learned, things I became. 1. I got old. I’m sliding down the back side of 35. Maybe that doesn’t sound old but it is. This is the first year of my life I have felt like a grown up. I’m an adult. Maybe it takes the […]

A year makes

Cozy It’s been nearly a year now since you died.  A year full of checking boxes of things off the list.  First summer, first Thanksgiving, first birthday, first Christmas and now the list has come to an end. There are no more boxes to check; no more firsts on the list.  So now what is […]


I am riding in the back seat. A passenger in my own life. It’s a struggle to force the words out from my brain and into my throat. And they rarely make it out of my mouth. My mind and my mouth and my body are all disconnected. Oddly disjoined parts of an awkward whole. […]


My feet are stuck in the mud I cannot move or breathe In fact, I cannot feel a thing I am nothing But I’m only dead on the inside. I am shallow I am empty I am cold I am still But I’m only dead on the inside. I cower beneath your hand Quiet as […]