Look for a break in the day-to-day monotony

That smothers me with mundane

And meaningless tasks to check the boxes

Little boxes

Check, check, check

March, march, march

To the tune of all of those who were

Ruined before you

By the cogs in the wheel of the machine

The machine that is the man with the hand

That feeds and breeds the disease that is me

As I live and I learn and I lust and I hope and despair and

I mope about the sullen life that is ripe

With opportunity

To fail, to pass, to be the same

We are all the same in this mixed up game

What you see on the outside is nothing like what is

Within, in the depths of all that she wrote

And I struggle and I pull and I push and I pass

I pump and I dump and I love and I slump

I’m allowed to do as I please

Or as you please

I want to please you with all that I am

And all that I Have

And all that you want

Put it where you need it to be

And I will be here alone on my knees

And I beg and I pray I don’t want one day

But the days they add up to years and decades

And a lifetime before your eyes and your nose and your face and your chin

We all what we are from far with within

I go to the doctor to shake the disease

The disease that means I’m not like the rest

The weight that I want to get off of my chest

But the weight it is comfort and the weight it is mine and I Can’t imagine the thought

Of living lighter and softer and without all the guilt and the pain and the fear that I need to live the

Life I don’t want.

that has been planned and decreed

And I drink the Kool-Aid and I swallow it down

To the loneliest sound of being isolated and paralyzed

In the eyes of those that know nothing but to judge

So I take your vitamin q and I try as I might

To love and live and to be the best version

Without the coercion

To be the one that is strong and fierce

And a dominant foe

To be the one that is known

And never forgotten

To be the one who is mighty

And invincible

And sweet

And madly in love with the tongue of the one

Who is all in the know

And I am the one who is green and new

And I am the one who is only blue

I know jesus and I know fame and I know the sign of the beast in the way

And here we go

And here we are

And here is the end of a life that is mine