I gave a love my cherry And it went pop and pop and pop And hop on pop And I am detached and heartless And I am what you need to please And I am what you agreed to do And I am what you split in two And here I am I beg and […]


Conjure up the broken image of your past The one that was meant to last beyond the years, tears, and fears of those who loved and left The ones who are all gone And the ones who were never there To lend an ear Or lend a hair Or lend a beautiful face Of teeth […]

Captains log

Bewildered It’s after midnight and I’m sleeping in a creeky hotel bed and I’m tired. So tired. I once spoke to a counselor who talked about people in other countries who experienced catastrophic, emotionally charged traumatic events or disasters, yet they had little to no after effects. No ptsd, no trauma disorders, no fear or […]