Day 6

We arrived in Freeport around 7:00. I heard them make the announcement overhead, but mom was still sleeping so I didn’t wake her up. I laid in bed until 8:20 when I couldn’t stand being still and quiet anymore and woke mom up. We went to breakfast. I had an omelette and she had poached eggs and toast. After breakfast we went back to the room for a little bit to get ready and we headed out around 10:30. There isn’t much to do in Freeport and today is a short day anyway. Everyone back on the boat at 1:00.

We looked at the little touristy shops and strolled around. Everything was super expensive for stuff you could likely get at the dollar store and of courses no one had change. We bought two wooden flutes for the kids and some frozen drinks. Then I got a Pina colada inside a coconut. Maybe it was the heat or the drinking at 10:30 am or the super sweetness of the drink, bit I didn’t feel very well and there was nothing much more to see or do near the port, so we came back inside. We sat by the pool. It’s nice to have another warm sunny day.

We we’re getting ready for dinner when the sea sickness struck me. Yuck. I didn’t think I was going to make it. Luckily mom had an extra scopolamine patch that worked wonder and made me feel a lot better. It also made my mouth as dry as the desert but better than than being sick.

We went to the family friendly comedy shows again. The two comics were funny. We wanted to stay for the adult comedy show but it didn’t start till 11:15 and cruise or not that’s way past my bedtime.

We watched Mercury rising from our room and went to bed. One more day left of the cruise and I am sure missing my babies.