So many things that we once desired, the dreams that we shared We were so unprepared for what we have gotten All that we wished for we never really wanted We used to be young and we used to be in love And nothing could stop us from becoming and dreaming and tackling the world […]


I can’t get on your ship Because I don’t support your cause I can’t get on your ship so aidios, bon voyage Ill stay on the shore and hope you don’t sink I’ll stay on the shore and wish you good luck But I’m not the girl that you once knew before And I’m not […]


I’m laying in bed but I’m still awake Thinking of the things I missed That didn’t happen Never exist Been thinking that I miss you so And wondering if you might know Where I went wrong and why everything changed And I’m sorry for all the things I have done And I’m sorry for all […]


You think you are strong and you think you can’t change You think you are more than a pawn in a game And you can’t remember what was lies and what was true And all that you know is that they are coming for you And you live in a fish bowl of sin and […]


We can never travel back in time We can never get out of place in line If we had known then what we know for sure now I wonder if things would be different somehow If there was another path we would take Or if this would always just simply be fate I almost forget […]