We can never travel back in time

We can never get out of place in line

If we had known then what we know for sure now

I wonder if things would be different somehow

If there was another path we would take

Or if this would always just simply be fate

I almost forget the thing we once had

The years feel like decades, heavy and sad

All that was light and all that was true

Got lost in a fog of searching for new

We wanted what was bigger and better and shiny and nice

Only know that we have it we are stuck thinking twice

And now we know that we wanted small, that old was ok,
That we would have been fine with nothing at all.

Now it’s too late to rewind the clock

And here we are stuck with all we forgot

And the love has turned bitter and the milk is so sour

And it no longer matters who has the power

Because we both lost the war of finding before

And now it’s only after and the after that follows

And all of our yesterday’s can’t become our tomorrow’s

We have grown hard and sullen and frail

We search and we search for the holy Grail

But how long will it take us before we really find out

That what we are yearning for doesn’t exist

And that true love is more than an exchange of a kiss

And when will we learn that happiness isn’t outside

And when will we learn our joy is the ride

And when will we learn the things that we know

By the time we get it, it might be too late

When we find understanding we may be facing our fate

Let’s go and let’s get it while there’s still a shadow of will left

Let’s go and let’s get it before we are broken beyond repair

Let’s go and let’s find it and sleep safely there