I can’t get on your ship

Because I don’t support your cause

I can’t get on your ship so aidios, bon voyage

Ill stay on the shore and hope you don’t sink

I’ll stay on the shore and wish you good luck

But I’m not the girl that you once knew before

And I’m not the girl who will knock on your door

I’m not looking for love nor acceptance or truth

All I am looking for is some bulletproof

Glass to protect my head when I am

Sometimes intentionally misled

I’m looking for something beautiful

In a world that is dim

I’m looking for someone who will go out on a limb for me

And pick up the sticks and pick up the branches and offer me more

Than second chances

I need a third and a fourth and a fifth

Cause I’m batting a thousand

At the end of the game

But I am still losing and you aren’t the same

And I run and I hide and my face is in fear

But I’m not like you

It’s not a jacket I wear

I cant take it off

It’s something

It’s something

I really do care

But you have made me selfish and weak and discouraged

You have made my heart into a lonely forest

Fast forward twenty years and I am still here alone and together it’s one in the same

Alone and together I won’t play your game

For I am not weak and I am not old

And you cannot leave me out in the cold on your porch

And you can never forget that i carry the torch

Is it over or did it just start?

I need your answer right from the heart

For the clock is ticking and passing the time

While you keep on licking and towing the line

And you make me worse and you make me better

And you have me all covered with leather

But I am a bird that can’t fly away

But I am a bird who is waiting for her day

I can always escape but I’m in love with the cage

In love with the rage that you bring the a scowl

In love with the face that you make as I cower

Beneath the sheets, beneath the bed

I will not let you get inside of my head

My head it is pure and lonely indeed

My head is waiting for you to meet the need

But i don’t need you I can find it myself

I don’t need you I can reach the top shelf

The vodka is just right out if my grasp but the rum I can touch

I can taste I can swallow

And it will hold me for another tomorrow