The bootcamp tales

so fitness is an interesting thing for me. I’ve been overweight my whole life. A few years ago I found out all the random stomach ailments I had been dealing with were a result of celiac disease, and after diagnosing it, i was forced to cut out gluten. Boy was that a bitch. Telling a fat girl she can’t have cake or bread or pizza or beer. Might as well have been a death sentence. But it was a blessing in disguise I suppose. When the doctor told me i had celiac on the phone I didn’t believe him. I was at the beach and I ate like three donuts after he told me. Guess he was right, cause I paid for it. I am a nurse, too. I always thought of the typical celiac patient to be young and underweight and I was pretty old and plump. I really didn’t believe him.

I definitely loved food, especially wheat and bread and baked delicious goodness. It was hard to cut all that out. I got a second opinion and then a third. I definitely had celiac. And I lost a lot of weight when I quit eating gluten, it was kind of neat.

About the time I started long weight I went on a cazy diet. 1200 calories at most. I filled myself with mostly protein shakes and oikos triple zero yogurt. I managed to start looking pretty damn good.

Then I started running. I have never been an athelete. Growing up, chocolate and ice cream were used to pacify any unpleasant feelings and healthy eating and exercise were never a priority. But I enjoyed running and the fast gains I made. Not only was I getting quicker but also looking and feeling better.

Fast forward to recently. I feel like I’m losing all the gains I made. Old habits come flooding back fast. And I’ve been eating junk and too much crap and carbs and alcohol have been turning me into a fat girl again.

So I’ve tried various exercise routines along the way and discovered I really like the bootcamp style work outs. Something about them is motivating and it makes me happy when I’m working together with other people. I guess I’m back on my fitness journey and I just wanted to speak a little about things around town.

I first joined m2 fitness about a year ago at the request of a friend. We went together at 5 am three or four or even five times a week. We got up at 5 am to make it to bootcamp at 6 am. This class combined the best of group exercise and CrossFit. It was fun and uplifting and challenging. There was always a dose of friendly competition and everyone knew my name. I had a blast there. When I was introduced to Olympic weight lifting, i fell in love. But on the first of January they abruptly closed and I found mysef glum and sad. Full of grief alomst like something close to me had died. They ended up moving about thirty min down the road but added to the thirty minutes I had to travel already it was way too far to drive for a work out.

I left m2 and went to some place they recommended. A local boxing club. It was fun for about a week, but then I found the whole venture stressful and just too much to handle. No one knew my name and no one was nice.

I left the boxing club and just tried to stick to the YMCA. We were already members due to my daughter being in after school care there and they seemed to offer quite a few classes. I tried their kettle bell class and some other dancing workout kind of class. But ultimately the whole place smelled like feet and weren’t many people there I could talk to. I saw an ad for a bootcamp class there that I decided to try it out. But jeez it started just after 5 am. Getting up at 5 was hard enough but having to get up before 5 was just brutal. And it was nothing special. The gym stunk and it was packed even though it was o’dark thirty out. The trainers were okay but I found unmotivating and underwhelming. This was definitely not like the bootcamp I knew and love.

Fast forward a few more weeks. I had still been running, even though I was slow as molasses and constantly searching for a better gym or bootcamp. I found a Groupon for a month at a crossfit near by and decided to check it out. Cross fit was what I expected. Much the same as the boot camp before. But the first night, I felt like I pushed too far trying to keep up. I hurt for like a week. I couldn’t even sit down to pee without wincing. It might have been okay if I was in a little better shape. I liked that pain felt with a good job done but don’t like to be incapacitated for weeks at a time. Alas, these poeole were too hard core for me.

I finally found burn bootcamp, it isn’t officially open yet but they are having free pop up camps until their opening.

Burn is an interesting concept. It’s totally built for women. Lots of high fives and women encouraging other women. Moms cheering for moms. But they are really focused on team building and friendship. The boot camp was less intense than I was used to, but pretty good overall. What I didn’t like was the, only compete with yourself philosophy. A healthy dose of competition never hurt anyone.

So I’ve been running in between bootcamp days and for the most part enjoying it. I like the exercises but could do without the super friendly instructors and false motivation and proprietary protein shakes and loud music. sometimes i just want to be left alone in my groove.

I guess there is no perfect solution. I turned down my PHD program so maybe I just need to reach out there and do it myself. Start my own gym and group fitness classes.

Why would a weird fat girl with no business or fitness experience want to open up a gym? I don’t know but it’s definitely a thought. I just hope I am giving my body enough chance at life and a chance at excelling, enough chance at doing what it was meant to do.

But what do I know? I’m just a fat girl without her cupcakes trying to start a fitness business. Anyone got any pointers? I’m glad to hear them.


2 thoughts on “The bootcamp tales

  1. I think that’s fantastic!! I’ve been struggling as you are! I joined Orange Theory and I’m happy but it could be better. Unfortunately, I have no experience or pointers except…you’ve got this!!


  2. Beth, I think it is a fantastic idea. You have and still are walking in shoes that many of us have. For many it is not always about the outside appearance, but what keeps us together on the inside. You can do this!


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