leisurely miss

Don’t be a bad girl, just sit still and quiet Don’t be a bad girl, just do as I like it Smile real big and show them your teeth Smile real big from right underneath It’s only a flesh wound It doesn’t really hurt It’s only a flesh wound; there is a lot of flesh […]

Just for tonight

Take me to the other side Even if it is for just one night Listen to me, you know she won’t mind Listen to me, you have the time Get out of my head and into my bed And let me make you forget about the Things you don’t want to speak of Let me […]

Sparking joy

I’ve been reading a lot of social media posts about Marie Kondo and sparking joy. I watched the Netflix show a couple times. But the whole thing just saddened me for the most part. I could empty out my entire house. There is nothing here that sparks joy for me. Absolutely nothing. Well, maybe my […]

The tale of two atypicals

In case you ever wondered what it was like. In case you have ever been on or tried to be on these medications. I thought I’d give you a run down. Two different atypical antipsychotics…both used for psychosis, schizophrenia, and to treat depression although I think rexulti is only approved as an adjunct to another […]

Through the looking glass

One night at the hospital I was trying to figure out how many patients were on the unit, I gave them all little nicknames and back stories. There is a little bit of truth to some of the characters, but not enough to identify them. These were my bunkmates last week…. Of course there was […]