The tale of two atypicals

In case you ever wondered what it was like. In case you have ever been on or tried to be on these medications. I thought I’d give you a run down. Two different atypical antipsychotics…both used for psychosis, schizophrenia, and to treat depression although I think rexulti is only approved as an adjunct to another […]

Through the looking glass

One night at the hospital I was trying to figure out how many patients were on the unit, I gave them all little nicknames and back stories. There is a little bit of truth to some of the characters, but not enough to identify them. These were my bunkmates last week…. Of course there was […]

Day 2

It is morning again and I only know this because of the sun shining through the glassless windows.  There are no clocks in these rooms. I don’t have a watch.  They like to keep us as disoriented as possible.  I stare at the giant hole in my wall and wonder whether it was a head […]

A year makes

Cozy It’s been nearly a year now since you died.  A year full of checking boxes of things off the list.  First summer, first Thanksgiving, first birthday, first Christmas and now the list has come to an end. There are no more boxes to check; no more firsts on the list.  So now what is […]


Gratitude It’s a Friday afternoon, the clock is nearing 4:00 pm.  My workday will soon be over.  I receive a call from the office.  A new admission and the afterhours nurses already are busy with patients to see and needs to attend to.  Yes, I will go.  Internally rolling my eyes and muttering unpleasantries under […]

We are all mad here

At the suggestion of several well-meaning people, I decided to give the counseling thing another try. Apparently between dad dying, regular life stress, and the anxiety of dealing with an unwanted sexual invasion, one should have an urge to spew their anxieties and feelings onto a professional who will regurgitate these said feelings, spit them […]