Succumb What are your seven deadly sins? Are they the same for all of us? Is succumbing to vice merely an unavoidbale consequence of the human condition? Is there really even a reason to resist?  Is there a reward for moral fortitude, purity and piety? Seven deadly sins all boil down to three. Power. Control. […]

I float above my body and watch. I am hovering above my cowering frame, cloaked in a cape of security. Floating here I am strong, I am beautiful, I am in control, I am safe. I watch the mouse down below. Cry into her pillow. Bed sheets soaked with her tears and his scent. The […]


Lollipop She pulled up in her lollipop pink oversized SUV. One of those soccer moms whose kids are too good to even play soccer. Her curly blonde locks tumbled down her back as she jolted a perfectly shaped leg decorated with a four inch patent stiletto out of her door. She is beautiful, she is […]

And I’m looking for you wherever I am Hoping to find you between the sheets In the bed Under it Hiding in the shadows of the dark closet And I’m looking for you in the food I shove in my mouth That slides down my throat. In the drink that swirls in the bottom of […]

Sunday haiku 

Eyes meet, trancelike pools Lips lock, passion overflows Electricity. *** It is a cold day Death is a welcomed escape Bleak eternity. *** There is a void where Love used to be. His brother Is named apathy *** A new day is here Embrace the warmth that kills night Happiness is yours *** Hard work […]